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What is Estate Planning?

An estate plan is a collection of documents that specifies your exact wishes on how and to whom you want your assets, money, and property distributed. Estate Planning is meant to make it easier for your loved ones to handle your affairs during a time of grief. At The Cohen Law Offices in San Mateo, we have estate planning attorneys you can trust, ready to work with you.

The Estate Planning Process

Estate planning is a process.  In our office, the process begins with an initial consultation on a wide variety of topics that would assist us in understanding an individual’s specific estate planning needs. The consultation is an interactive process during which one of our estate planning attorneys listens to and provides potential clients with advice and counsel in a manner which is easy to understand and comprehend.

A typical Estate Plan may include some or all of the following documents:

  • Trust (Living “Revocable” Trust, Special Needs Trust or other customized Trust)
  • Pour Over Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Advance Health Care Directive
  • Nomination of Conservator
  • Certification of Trust
  • Nominations of Guardianship for minor children

What are the benefits of an Estate Plan?

A detailed estate plan has many benefits including but not limited to: avoidance of lengthy and costly probate proceedings, avoidance or reduction of estate taxes, the naming of individuals who manage your affairs at your death or incapacity and specifying who will receive all or a portion of your estate.

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Our goal as your estate planning attorneys will be to ensure your wishes are honored, your wealth is preserved, and your loved ones are cared for.  That is why we offer an initial thirty minute conversation at no cost with strings attached.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

What is a power of attorney for financial matters?

A power of attorney for financial matters allows you to name an individual to handle all aspects of your financial affairs should you become incapacitated or are declared incompetent to handle your own affairs.

What is a durable power of attorney for health matters?

This is a "health directive" or "Living Will". It gives a named person the power to handle your medical affairs, in the event that you are unable to make competent medical decisions for yourself. Additionally, you may direct the doctors as to exactly what life-sustaining measures that you want to take or not to take in specific circumstances.


Probate is when the courts oversee the distribution of assets and property left by a will. It includes filing the decedent's will with the local probate court, identifying and taking inventory of the decedent's property, appraising the property, paying off debts and taxes, and then distributing what is left. This process is both time-consuming and expensive.

Our best advice is to try and avoid it when you can. When you take advantage of the professional legal assistance from The Cohen Law Offices, we can distribute your property faster, more privately than the courts, and for far less money.

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