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San Mateo Divorce Attorneys You Can Trust

If you’re in need of a divorce attorney, San Mateo residents can trust the lawyers at The Cohen Law Offices. Any situation involving legal action is stressful, and nothing makes it worse than having your family involved. When your legal case includes your children, spouse, or other family members, the stress can be multiplied exponentially. You might feel angry, depressed, overwhelmed, lost, or confused. This is where divorce attorneys at The Cohen Law Offices come in.

We are experienced divorce lawyers in San Mateo, CA. We understand how difficult family situations can be. We work diligently to ease the stress of family litigation by providing outstanding service every time. We help our clients navigate strong emotions, as well as the complicated legal process, to achieve an outcome that is best for them


We know you want the best for your family, even under painful circumstances. The best is exactly what our experienced family law attorneys strive to provide. Here at The Cohen Law Offices we emphasize service and helpful insight, while also focusing on results. 

The legal process can feel like a battlefield. Don’t fight for your family alone. If you have any questions about your case, or if you would like to know more about our services, give us a call at 650-592-8600 and schedule an appointment today.