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The Cohen Law Office, PC, located in San Mateo, is a leading estate planning firm serving the Bay Area. Since our founding by John David Grathwohl in 1972, we have always adhered to the idea of preparedness and security for our area clients and the highest levels of professionalism from our attorneys. When the practice was sold to Charles Rauch in 1998, he carried on that tradition of service, expertise, and professionalism.

In 2005, when Garry Cohen took over our Bay area firm, we broadened our scope to offer legal assistance to clients involved in trust litigation and will contests. In addition, Mr. Cohen provided legal services relating to the assets of his clients including landlord/tenant law, business law and formation and Elder Law. Throughout every legal facet in which we practice, The Cohen Law Office maintains the same levels of personalized attention, service, and excellence that it began with in 1972. Today, we work with clients not only in wills, trusts, and probates, but also landlord/tenant law, tax law, business law, and many other health and financial matters.

We invite you to be part of our journey by making us your premier legal resource in matters of family, estates, assets, and more. Contact us to schedule your next consultation at 650-592-8600, and let us provide you and your loved ones with financial security, now and for the future.