Why is it important to get help with estate planning?

| Mar 23, 2018 | estate planning | 0 comments

If it is possible to do something by ourselves, we often like to take care of the matter on our own terms. However, this is not always possible. Take estate planning for example. Due to life complexities, it can be difficult for San Mateo residents to navigate the estate planning process. This is because estate planning could include the execution of a wide variety of complicated documents.

Why is it important to get help drafting an estate plan? The biggest reason to get legal assistance during the estate planning process is because mistakes can be made if the process is not handled by a professional. And even if the mistake is fixable, it can be rather expensive to fix. That alone proves why it could be extremely beneficial to have help when drafting an estate plan.

Living a simple life does not automatically mean you will have a simple estate plan. And this certainly does not mean that unintended mistakes will not occur. A simple mistake could mean leaving your heirs and beneficiaries with major conflicts, delaying the probate process.

As of now, it is estimated that roughly 44 percent of Americans have a will. This means that most people do not have plan and guide in place for their families when they pass. Additionally, this also means that parents do not have a legal document determining who would care for their minor children if they pass.

Because many people are intimidated by the estate planning process or are in denial of the need to have an estate plan, too many people find themselves without an estate plan that accurately describes their wishes at the time of their passing or incapacitation. Thus, by obtaining help and guidance, individuals are able to check off all their boxes, ensuring all their wishes are memorialized in the documents.

Those seeking to draft or update an estate plan should understand the process and how best to move forward with it. Obtaining legal guidance for estate planning could help ensure the resulting documents are properly executed and will be valid upon the person’s death.

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