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Types of legal issues that occur with trusts

While some San Mateo, California, residents may have heard the old adage that trusts help a family "avoid probate," the reality is that legal disputes involving the terms or creation of a trust can lead to full-blown trust litigation and, with that, one or several trips to the courthouse.

Is it time to review the terms of your will?

Creating a will that serves your purposes is not always a simple task. Conventional wisdom indicates that all legal adults should create a will, but a surprisingly high number of people simply never get around to it, even those with very high net worth or complicated assets. If you have a will already, this is an important step, but it is wise to carefully scrutinize your will for any weaknesses that may lead to challenges or conflicts later on.

The benefits of alternative dispute resolution

When dealing with legal issues, one often worries about the process it will take to resolve the problem. Divorce, estate problems or any other type of legal dispute usually means going to court. While this can be an effective way to reach a final order, it is not the only way a resolution can be reached. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be an effective way to reach a fair resolution, providing individuals in California and elsewhere with benefits litigation often cannot offer.

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