Why mediation may be the best option in a probate dispute

| Jul 10, 2019 | mediation | 0 comments

At Cohen Law Office, P.C., in California, we understand the importance of communication between all parties when they are engaged in heated probate disputes. If you find yourself in this situation, you may worry that you and other beneficiaries have too many conflicts between you to come to an agreement on your own. The alternative is to take the case to court and allow a judge to decide. You may want to consider whether mediation is a tool that will work in your case.

A mediator who understands probate law can provide you with an essential advantage: He or she can examine all the facets of the case and predict what the judge will say. Once you have this information, you can better decide whether you and the other party or parties should proceed in negotiation, and what terms are reasonable. After all, if you discover that the law does not support your demands, you will not want to spend the money that litigation requires.

This is not the only benefit of mediation. Although right now you may feel considerable anger and/or hurt toward the other parties involved, eventually you may want to establish a healthy relationship with them. The mediator’s skill at dispute resolution may help you and your family members to overcome the conflicts that are currently driving you apart. Knowing that you are receiving your fair share of your deceased loved one’s assets can also provide a sense of comfort and closure.

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