Do you need a lawyer to help draft a will or trust?

| Aug 14, 2019 | estate planning | 0 comments

A will or trust is an important way for you to protect your assets once you have passed and to ensure that they go to the people you wish to pass them on to. Unfortunately, we have seen that many people in California will sometimes seek to question the legitimacy of a will, and may even attempt to contest it in court.

Reasons why people will question a will

 At the Cohen Law Office P.C., we have seen numerous cases where people have attempted to question the validity of a will or trust. If you are a senior citizen in some form of long-term care, it is possible that someone who believes they are entitled to some of your assets will attempt to claim that you were unduly influenced by a family member who had been frequently visiting you during the time you were drafting your will. We have even seen people go so far as to claim that the author of a will was a victim of elder abuse, where he or she was  manipulated into writing things a certain way.

Those who question the legitimacy of your will may also claim that the will was forged or even say that it is a fraudulent document. By enlisting the aid of an attorney when you draft your will, it can add a professional safeguard against these claims due to the oath of lawfulness and confidentiality that every attorney takes.

While many people do benefit from hiring an attorney to help with their will, you must determine what is best for you based on your specific situation. For more information on wills and trusts, visit our web page.