Traveling during a divorce

| Nov 26, 2019 | divorce | 0 comments

The divorce process is different for everyone, and no two families are identical in terms of their financial circumstances and other key factors that can affect how the end of marriage plays out. Some people regularly travel for work, while others take vacations periodically to seek relief from day to day stressors. Sometimes, travel can create challenges when it comes to getting a divorce. For example, travel can affect one’s finances, emotions, time and energy, as well as their ability to attend a court hearing.

In some instances, people have been planning a vacation for many months or even years and divorce surfaces when they were planning on spending time away from home. In other cases, an individual may be so overwhelmed by what they are dealing with due to their divorce that they abruptly plan a vacation because they feel like they need to get away from the challenges that they are facing. Often, traveling can be very expensive as well, and a divorce can bring on financial concerns so it is imperative to prepare for this aspect of divorce as well.

Travel plans do not necessarily need to be canceled, but sometimes it is best for people to try to reschedule their trip because of their divorce. If major divorce issues such as child custody are at stake, it may not be a good idea to jeopardize the outcome of a case by going on a vacation or traveling for business purposes. This is just one of the many issues that people may have to work through while getting a divorce and we cover similar topics on our site.