When an ex makes threats during a heated divorce

| Jan 8, 2020 | divorce | 0 comments

Sometimes, working through a divorce is relatively straightforward and free of drama. In other instances, however, divorce is very contentious, and multiple problems arise for those bringing their marriage to a close. For example, some people find themselves dealing with an ex who is very hostile, and The Cohen Law Office knows that some people even make threats during the divorce process. In California, these threats sometimes involve children, such as threatening to prevent one from having custody or visitation. Or, they involve finances or even additional legal challenges.

During some divorces, these threats are relatively minor, but in other instances, they are very serious. For example, it is very concerning when someone threatens to file a lawsuit against their former spouse over false allegations. Moreover, some people falsely accuse their former partners of domestic violence even though no abuse occurred. Not only does this sometimes result in a restraining order, but it presents serious concerns with respect to one’s reputation and ability to have a healthy relationship with their children.

It is important to prevent these threats from affecting one’s ability to work through their divorce. Also, if an ex threatens to take away one’s access to the child unless they give in to demands, these threats require a very careful response. Some people become so stressed out over the things their ex is saying that they lose focus and have difficulty working through a divorce. Our law firm knows it is smart to do your best to prevent additional complications from arising during your divorce and we cover related topics on our website.