Can mediation help a divorce?

| Jun 23, 2020 | divorce | 0 comments

Divorce is a challenging process. Each spouse must evaluate their marriage, how they treat each other and their personal feelings. The couple also faces a challenge to work together to distribute property and care for any children.

Many couples are turning to mediation to meet these challenges. An alternative to traditional civil litigation in a courtroom, mediation offers couples several key benefits.

Mediation helps exes work together

Couples worldwide have been using mediation more over the past two decades. Many judges rule for mediation in divorce cases if they feel the couple can work together or if a couple asks. Either way, spouses can enjoy the following benefits of mediation:

  • Choice of mediator: Courts usually assign judges. With mediation, spouses get to choose their mediator. Professional mediators undergo specialized training to help them work with disputing parties. A mediator will guide the discussion toward a compromise, making room for each spouse to speak and express their needs. A good mediator can teach couples to use these skills after the marriage to work through future disputes or help with co-parenting.
  • Easier scheduling: Mediation does not have to take place in a courtroom or need courtroom personnel. Mediation can take place in any neutral location the couple chooses. Couples also will not have to wait for an opening in the court’s calendar, which can sometimes take weeks or months to schedule. Mediated divorces can happen much quicker.
  • More affordable: Since couples do not use a courtroom or any court employees, they do not have to pay them. Lawyers often charge reduced rates for mediation, and some courts might even cover the cost of the mediator.
  • Confidential: Divorce is an emotional experience often full of heated arguments. Court stenographers record everything said in a courtroom and enter the transcripts into public record. Things said during these proceedings might come back later in future disputes. Mediation is entirely private.
  • Increased satisfaction: Many couples report more satisfaction with their divorce agreements than those who used traditional litigation. Since mediation focuses on compromise and drafting contracts with collaboration and communication, spouses feel more ownership over the terms and are more likely to do their part.

Lawyers help for mediation

Spouses considering divorce can reach out to a local attorney familiar with family law. A lawyer can assess a case, recommend mediators and help draft the divorce agreements.