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Assisting Your Family With All Estate Mediation Services

Sometimes a family just cannot agree about someone’s last wishes. These disagreements can quickly turn into ugly, lengthy court battles that can leave lasting damage on family relationships already under stress after losing a loved one.

For those looking for a less confrontational and more inexpensive alternative to litigation, The Cohen Law Office, P.C.​, is here to help you reach a fair outcome using mediation.

Put More Than 20 Years Of Trust Litigation To Work On Your Case

With over 20 years of litigation experience in California, our lead attorney Garry Cohen has seen virtually everything probate and trust law has to offer. He is prepared to serve as the mediator in your will or trust dispute or other probate-related cases. What does this mean for your case?

As one of San Mateo County’s most seasoned litigators, Garry will be able to weigh the strength of each side and predict what the outcome would be in court. You and the other party can use this frame of reference to negotiate a settlement, with Garry acting as the neutral adviser for both of you. Besides providing mediator services, our lawyers also represent clients in mediation so that they are able to use the process to their best advantage.

See How Mediation Can Help You

While mediation is not appropriate in every case, for many people engaged in estate litigation it is a low-cost alternative to going to court. Often, the parties involved are related. Mediation may make it easier for your family to move on from often-painful accusations and resentments. Many people find that a successful mediation gives them a sense of ownership over the resulting settlement.

Don’t let a family disagreement fester. Learn more about estate litigation mediation and whether it could work for you today. Call our San Mateo office at 650-517-6133 or email us using our Contact page.