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Trust Administration & Litigation Attorneys

A carefully prepared and clearly written estate plan minimizes the risk of family strife over a deceased loved one’s estate. But there is always potential for litigation, especially when someone believes they have been improperly cut out of their inheritance. The Cohen Law Office P.C. has significant experience in will and trust litigation. We will give you an edge in your case.

There are many possible reasons to contest a will or trust, including:

  • Undue influence
  • Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Lack of testamentary capacity

Undue influence is perhaps the most common challenge. It is an accusation that the deceased was manipulated by someone to the point that he or she lacked the free will to complete a valid estate plan. Often, the accuser will also claim that elder abuse was a factor. “Lack of testamentary capacity” means that the deceased lacked the mental capacity to write a will, usually due to senility or mental illness.

Resolving Challenges And Keeping Families Together

Our attorneys understand how anguishing estate litigation can be. We will listen carefully to you as you explain your situation and build a strong case. Your lawyer will seek a fair settlement out of court to minimize the expense and emotional strife of a drawn-out lawsuit. Thanks to our years of experience in litigation, you will know the most likely outcome to the case ahead of time, and will be able to make the right decisions accordingly.

Speak To An Attorney About Your Case

We offer no-obligation, 30 minute, initial consultations for all will and trust litigation matters. Please call our San Mateo, California, office at 650-517-6133 or visit our Contact page to get in touch.